birthwise yoga

Welcome to the birthwise yoga web site. Within the pages of this site you will find information about pregnancy yoga classes, partners sessions, baby massage courses run by Anna Wise in and around the Crouch End, N8 area of North London.

yoga for pregnancy
Yoga for pregnancy is a specialised form of yoga which is designed to enhance a woman’s experience of both pregnancy and childbirth.
It helps to alleviate some of the physical discomforts and minor ailments associated with pregnancy in a completely safe way. Yoga for pregnancy can relieve stress, boost energy and balance the hormones, promoting emotional wellbeing as well as aiding relaxation and restful sleep which bring benefits to both mother and baby.

These classes are a unique blend of antenatal information and learning through practical experience. The physical practises used in the class are based on classical yoga postures, but modified and adapted to suit women of all stages of pregnancy. In the classes pregnant women will learn how to work with their bodies safely, as well as being introduced to breathing and relaxation techniques which are an ideal preparation for labour and are powerful tools which can be used at any time during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond to alleviate anxiety and provide inner focus. There is also a strong emphasis on sharing experiences and putting women in touch with each other, providing a vital support network which will continue long after birth.

yoga for labour and birth - partners sessions
These one-off sessions in the privacy of your own home are designed to provide pregnant women and their birth partners with an opportunity to learn simple but effective ways to help support the birthing process. These sessions are an excellent addition to Antenatal classes and give you and your birth partner an opportunity to go over any concerns or questions you feel remain unanswered. A typical session covers the physiology of labour with the focus on positions, breathing, and relaxation, as well acupressure techniques to help you manage your labour in a way that is appropriate for you. Particular attention is given to the role of the birth partner. Birth partners can be anyone who will be present at the birth. Previous experience of yoga is not necessary.

baby massage courses
Massage is a wonderful way of communicating with a baby, strengthening the bond between parent and child. Learning baby massage can give parents increased confidence in handling their babies and better understanding of their babies non-verbal communication. Massage enhances a baby’s feeling of being loved and respected, as well as improving body mind awareness, coordination and brain development. Suitable for babies from approx. 4 weeks until crawling stage.